Have you ever advertised a vacancy only to receive dozens and dozens of applications,
the majority of which did not meet the requirements of the job you announced?

And did you spend valuable time away from day-to-day business on sorting through them and conducting numerous
interviews, only to find that none of the candidates actually fit the position you want to fill?
Or, did you hire someone who then quit after only a short time or turned out not to be able to do the job?
If any of this sounds familiar, please read on how CDL’s recruitment services can help you save time and effort while
allowing you to find the best candidates to match your requirements.

Our Approach to Recruitment:

CDL’s approach to recruitment is based on the firm belief that in order to be able to offer the best in recruitment services,
it is of great importance to learn about both clients and candidates alike.
Thus, as the first step in the recruitment process, we will visit you at your place of business to gain an in-depth understanding about
your company, your values and the position(s) you wish to fill.

Since CDL was founded, we were able to collect and analyze detailed information of approximately 20,000 applicant profiles.
The knowledge about the Cambodian job market that we gained and continue to gain from this extensive data pool is what we are
able to offer you in the search for suitable candidates.

Candidate Evaluation

We at CDL are confident in our capability to gather information and introduce only qualified candidates to you. In fact,
we do not charge any fees until the recruitment process has been successful and your chosen candidate starts working for you.

All candidates introduced to you will have been carefully screened and interviewed on language proficiency,
ability and aptitude as well as communication and social skills, amongst others. We also learn about their personality,
expectations and future career plans.
It is especially this knowledge that helps us introduce candidates to you that not only match your requirements
but that are committed and motivated to work for you as your company and position fits their expectations as well.

Our findings will be made available to you in an individual evaluation report that we submit for every candidate that is introduced to
your company. Following, the candidates are presented to you for final selection.

The CDL Warranty System

The CDL Warranty System protects you from sudden resignation by candidates during the three months’ probation period and is
automatically included for all clients who use CDL’s Recruitment Services.

The Benefits for Clients:

・ Through regular counseling for the chosen candidate(s) even after recruitment, the risk of sudden resignation caused
   by a lack of communication is reduced.

・ If the case arises that a chosen candidate resigns regardless, we will refund 100% of the recruitment fee(*).
   Risks and expenses related to recruitment are significantly reduced.

(*in case the candidate resigns within 30 days from the start of employment)