About CDL (Creative Diamond Links)

The idea for CDL was born in 2012 when, during a trip to the Kingdom, Mr. Narumi met a motorbike taxi driver who,
even though speaking fluent Japanese that he had taught himself, was not able to find a job because he lacked the right
connections. Taking advantage of his 20+ years’ experience working in the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,
he decided that he wanted to contribute to the economic development of Cambodia in the form of recruitment,
placement services and human resources development.

Currently, CDL HR is providing the necessary infrastructure to be able to introduce people with the right skills and
competencies to suitable jobs, without the need for personal connections.
CDL HR will continue to provide its services in order to find the best match for both Cambodian job seekers and
companies looking for the right talent.

Company Profile

Company Name Location Founding Date Representative Number of Employees Slogan

Creative Diamond Links Co., Ltd. Tous Les Jours Monivong Bldg., 1F, #298, St.93 (Preah Monivong Blvd.),
Boeung Raing, Daunh Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
August 2012 Mr. Takanori Narumi 18 (incl. 4 Japanese, 1 Chinese and 1 German staff) Be appreciated, be closer, be loved!

The CDL HR Team

President, Executive HR Consultant Mr. Takanori Narumi Mr. Narumi is a former official of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
For the last 20 years, he was engaged in the field of labor, and most recently, was in charge of worker dispatch.
He realized the impact that the inequality in the Cambodian labor market was having during a trip to the Kingdom,
and consequently, decided to found an HR company in Cambodia.
His conviction is that “the low rate of employee retention, which is a concern for companies, can be prevented”.

Hobbies:Salsa (dance)
Favorite word:The Best time to look at the bright side is now !

Sales & Marketing Manager, HR Consultant Ms. Anna Lena Till Ms. Till relocated to Cambodia from Thailand in June, where studied and
worked in International Development.
Speaking fluent Japanese, she incidentally met her current colleagues at a Job Fair organized
by the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center. Now, CDL is proud to call her their own.

Hobbies:Learnig new languages, reading, singing
Favorite word:You won’t know until you try it!

Sales & Marketing Manager, HR Consultant Mr. Makino Mitsuru Mr. Mitsuru used to be a popular gym instructor in Japan.
He taught boxing and had an outstanding record with his many trainees. When moving to Cambodia in 2012,
he continued with his daily routine of going to the gym after work. His honesty and sincerity in his dealings with
customers is highly appreciated while his impressive physique makes him easily recognizable and
popular among customers, coining him the nickname “muscular brother”.

Favorite word:Eating

Sales & Marketing Manager, HR Consultant Mr. Liu Hongfei Mr. Hongfei studied Japanese and Global Logistics from 2003-2008 in Shizuoka, Japan. Afterwards,
he started working for a Japanese logistics company as Logistics and HR Manager. In April 2012,
he resigned from his job to travel the world, including Cambodia. Being so impressed with the environment and
Cambodian smiling faces, he immediately decided to live and work in Cambodia from now on.
His dream is to lend his strength to help more of the young generation find their dream (job).

Hobbies:Reading, watching movies, making friends
Favorite word:Now is best. Just believe in yourself.

Career Consultant, Admin Manager Ms. Sereyvath Pok Ms. Pok used to be a popular classroom teacher at the Tayama Business College in Phnom Penh.
After joining CDL, she took charge of the Career Consultant Department and provides career consulting
to the many job applicants that come to CDL every day with never-ceasing energy.
Her particular strengths are the management and leadership skills that she brings to the company.
When she sees room for improvement, she does not hesitate to put forth proposals and
suggestions to realize her ideas.

Hobbies:Listening to news on the radio, Travel
Favorite word:Self-Confidence

Should you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.